Why This Course

Since 2015 I have been meeting with clients, both in person at Detroit Sewn, my factory in Michigan, and virtually all over the country. Time and time again I have found that whether they come to me with an idea in their head, or with patterns and prototypes already in hand, most of them don’t know how to price their products. This is a question I ask early on in our first meeting, as the answer is crucial to everything that comes next. When I ask: “What price will your target audience pay for this product?” most of them reply: “It depends how much it costs to make.” That answer will get you into trouble financially. In this course, I’ll not only explain why, I’ll also show you how to properly price your products so that you can have the sales model(s) you want and make your profit margin.

Course curriculum

    1. Sneak Peak - How Most of My Clients Think About Pricing Is Why I Created This Course

    2. Module 1 - Introduction: Why this course is important for your financial future, why me, and what you will learn

    1. Sneak Peak - Understanding Your Brand Unlocks Everything that comes Next, Including Pricing

    2. Module 2 - Your Brand: What you need to be able to answer now to ensure your prices align with your brand, products and customers

    1. Sneak Peak - Develop a Relationship With Your Factory Before You Start Peppering Your Contact with Questions

    2. Working with a factory to fully understand the all-in cost to manufacture your product

    1. Sneak Peak - How To Use Your Imagination To Get Inside Your Customer’s Head and Better Understand Their Buying Habits

    2. Your Customer: How to bring this person to life so you can sell to them successfully

    1. Sneak Peek - Understanding Your Competition Is Key To Confidently Price Your Products But Do You Know What You’re Searching For?

    2. Competitive Analysis: Comparing apples to apples, reviewing features and benefits, and finding your fit in the market

    1. Module Sneak Peek - If You Only Focus On the Cost of Manufacturing Your Product, Your Profit Margins Will Shrink

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Your Instructor

Karen Buscemi

Karen Buscemi is the President and CEO of Detroit Sewn, a full-service contract cut and sew manufacturer founded in 2015. She created the nonprofit Detroit Garment Group in 2012 to retain fashion talent in Michigan by teaching them the business of fashion. She served as the Editor of Styleline, a Michigan fashion magazine with a circulation of 60,000. And she has an extensive background in copywriting, editing, graphic design, photography, and website building.