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I don't just teach owners of apparel brands, I work with them every day at Detroit Sewn. Over the last seven years, I've worked with every kind of brand at every stage in their journey. I have seen first hand the mistakes they make and the money they waste. I decided to start coaching and creating online courses to help entrepreneurs build their apparel brands with ease. Welcome to Karen's Academy. I want you to get to enjoy the journey as you build your dream!

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Karen Buscemi

Karen Buscemi is the President and CEO of Detroit Sewn, a full-service contract cut and sew manufacturer founded in 2015. She created the nonprofit Detroit Garment Group in 2012 to retain fashion talent in Michigan by teaching them the business of fashion. She was the Editor of StyleLine, a Michigan fashion magazine with a circulation of 60,000. She served as a guest teacher at the Pamella Roland School of Fashion at Kendall College, and sat on multiple panels to discuss a wide variety of topics and issues related to the U.S. fashion industry. She has hosted fashion shows and produced multiple fashion events, including conferences and trade shows. And she has an extensive background in teaching adults, copywriting, editing, graphic design, photography, and website building. Check out "Fashion Unfurled" - her TEDxDetroit talk.

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